In 2000, we created a travel lifestyle. We were the original analogue nomads and believe us when we say being location independent is so much easier in the digital age.

We have deconstructed how we live our Travel Lifestyle and we are creating courses for you to create your mindset, navigate your niche and create value based side hustles.

You will be able to join whatever stage you feel comfortable or jump all in to create a location independent travel lifestyle for yourself.

We know you are time poor, busy and overwhelmed at times. We also know you have passions, dreams and a message.

We know because we have been there.

But if you give us just fifteen minutes a day, we can help you on your way to being a travel writer, an author or photographer.

With just fifteen minutes a day, we can help you find your true south, your niche and side hustle.

Go to our intro pod to work out where your dream lies.

"We are the original Analogue Nomads going Digital to help you live a travel lifestyle.

- Jane and Michael Pelusey


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